Wednesday, December 31, 2008


If you want a better home you need to come here more often. You will find all you need to make a better home for you and yours here. We offer products ranging from Electronics, Jewelry, Health & Beauty, Computer Games, all kinds of phones, recreational and sporting goods for a wide range of discerning customers. All at very competitive prices that keeps you coming back.

Flightable Carry-On Luggage/Table
NOW YOU CAN ROLL YOUR DESK WITH YOU!The Flightable® suitcase-to-desk lets you convert an airport waiting area, a hotel lobby, or a client's waiting room into your personal office! At the airport, you no longer need to juggle your laptop on your knee, awkwardly holding it with one hand and typing with the other. You can type, write and talk on your phone in comfort all at the same time. You can enjoy a hot coffee at your own table while waiting for your next flight. Or you can have a meal without fighting for a table at a busy airport. A vacationing family can now have its own game or card table for leisure or while waiting. In case you're in a client's waiting room with time to spare, you can continue unfinished work without borrowing a desk from the office personnel. It can safely support up to 55 lbs on its tabletop and has plenty of room for your notebook computer, a mouse and a writing surface. Just push a button to unfold and the table sets up in seconds. The 18"x14" table surface safely supports up to 55 lbs! While it's closed, the overall size (including wheels) is 22"x14"x8-1/2", so it can fit into an overhead bin or even under the seat in most commercial aircraft. The fully lined clothing section is 20-1/2"x14"x7-1/2", and includes a padded pocket for your laptop computer, and many other pockets for accessories. You'll never have to juggle your equipment on your lap again. The Flightable® suitcase-to-desk carry-on is crafted from a heavy duty 1500-denier ballistic polyester and will last a lifetime! Weighs just 14 lbs. Model No: V1600E Weight: 16.00 Lbs.

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